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Horizontal decorative fence Zeta

Horizontal decorative fence Zeta Horizontal decorative fence of profiles Zeta Decorative fence Zeta

Horizontal decorative fence Zeta


Decorative fence of profiled modules, made of static fence slats with a width of 11.2 cm.

For the production of the profiles is used sheet metal CT18, treated with zinc coating. The next two coats applied are primer. Embossed PVC paint in various motifs and patterns is used as a finish.

The most preferred for the Bulgarian market are the wood motifs, which imitate walnut, birch, pine, oak and mahogany.

For fences up from 1.3 m to 2.09 m wide, it is recommended to place a supporting strip at the back of the fence, which serves to separate the slats and prevent them from sagging.

For fences with a width of more than 2.1 m, two slats per panel are recommended.

Technical features:

  • one-sided or two-sided coating
  • horizontal fence
  • width of the slat - 11.2 cm
  • height of the fence panel - from 0.78 m to 3.10 m
  • left, right and upper horizontal profile - used for the fence frame
  • “П” profile: inside dimensions 5.5 х 3.91 cm
  • “П” profile: outside dimensions 5.6 х 3.91 cm
  • “П” profile: with or without mounting holes - by request
  • pop rivets assembly
  • distance between the slats - 8 cm
  • warranty of the fence panels - up to 15 years
  • warranty against corrosion - 30 years.

Color chart

  • one-sided wooden motifs of the slats 0.4 mm: golden oak color; birch; walnut; mahogany
  • two-sided wodden motifs of the slats 0.5 mm: golden oak color; walnut; mahogany
  • slats with stone imitation 0.4 mm: quartz; granite; anthracite
  • high matte one-sided slats serie 0.5 mm, RAL chart: 3005, 3009, 6005, 7024, 8017, 8019, 9005
  • matte BGM one-sided slats serie 0.45 mm, RAL chart: 3011; 8017; 8019
  • matte BGM two-sided slats serie 0.5 mm, RAL chart: 8017; 8019
  • pop rivets: 3009, 7024, 8004, 8017, 8019

More information

The fence is made of high quality sheet metal, with durability of over 25 years. The material has anti-corrosion properties, extremely resistant to weathering, ultraviolet rays and mechanical damage. The base is high-carbon construction steel, with allucinic heat treatment, two layers of primer on both sides of the slat, a final layer with liquid polyester resin.

Circulation of air and sunlight

Thanks to the good design and the location of the profiles, the fence of blinds allows free circulation of air and penetration of sunlight, thus avoiding the greenhouse effect.

No need for maintenance

The fence does not require additional treatment, does not require annual treatment against insects, mold or additional protection against sunlight and moisture. Maintenance is limited to quick hose washing.

Automated production process

State-of-the-art technology with geometric precision to achieve the highest level of quality of the fence panels.


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