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Automatic doors, barriers and parking systems

Automatic doors, barriers and parking systems

Articulated swing gate operator FAAC 391E

Gate operator FAAC 391 - for single and double gates Kit FAAC 391E for double gates Dimensions of operator FAAC 391
tech spec

Technical specifications

Electric motor
Powerout 230 V
Absorbed power 40 - 120 W
Power 24 V
Speed 13°/sec.
Working temperature -20° / +55°
Dimensions 260 х 185 х 312 mm (w. х l. х h.)
Construction features
Colour grey
Height 312 mm
Total weight 7 - 8.7 kg

Articulated swing gate operator FAAC 391E

Electromechanical articulated swing gate operator FAAC 391Е for residential radial gates with maximum width to 2000 mm (single gates) and kit FAAC 391 to 4000 mm (double gates). Quiet and reliable motor with reductor locking for normal daily use of 80 full cycles. Provided with shoulder gear for gates which open to the outside to angle of 105°.

According to the European safety directives for automation, FAAC 391E has a built-in system against door collision without the necessity of additional accessories. The maximum speed is 13°/sec., which guarantees the full opening of the gate for under 8 seconds!

The operator is provided with software speed slowing at end open or closed positions - to ensure noiseless and reliable use of the gate. The built-in 2Easy and OmniDec systems allow one or two leaves of the gate to be manouvred separately - with the different buttons of the remote control.

Rechargable battery may be incorporated in the body of FAAC 391Е - in case of power failure.


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