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Automatic doors, barriers and parking systems

Automatic doors, barriers and parking systems

Ceiling motor Home 600

Axial side operator for industrial sectional doors Giga - Sommer
tech spec

Technical specifications

Electric motor
Supply voltage/ Frequency 24 V
Absorbed power 0.95 A
Lifting power 1000 Nm
Speed 140 mm/sec.
Working temperature -20ᵒ С/ +70ᵒ С
Duty cycle 12 sec.
Time of one complete cycle 24 sec.
Construction features
Colour grey + black

Ceiling motor Home 600

Ceiling motor Home is created for sectional doors and up-and-over garage doors automation.
It is offered with a chain or notched belt.

This motor is very quiet, easy to manipulate and install. It is remotely controllable, provided with built-in light.

The motor has an "Amperostop" function which stops and brings the door back in its starting position in case of an incidental crash with an object when closing.

Built with an outlet for a battery of 12 V in case of power failure.

It is available in two options - Home 600 for domestic garage doors and Home 1000 - for heavy industrial sectional doors.

*2 years warranty


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